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Madonna - Secret Garden (from Erotica)
A long-forgotten track from the fantastic Erotica album. This acid-jazzy track goes perfectly with some of the more summery scenes recorded for Madonna’s Sex book.



Of all the Madonna tracks, Waiting has consistently been in my top 10 since the very first time I heard it. Her voice compliments the beat so wonderfully; it’s jazzy & urban, smooth yet grimy, sexually frustrated but still introspective & thoughtful. 

It was so easy in the beginning
When you didn’t feel like running from your feelings, like you are now…
What happened? Who do I remind you of?
Your past, your dreams?
Or some part of yourself that you just can’t love?

Brilliant from beginning to end, this is the pinnacle of her artistic expression, both sonically and lyrically. In terms of production is also one of the most raw and organic Madonna songs ever thanks to the street jazzy beats and piano brought in by Andre Betts. And that ending, the prefect closure to this masterpiece And the next time you want pussy, ha! Just look in the mirror, baby… Here, kitty kitty kitty…

Waiting is on a league of its own. Together with Secret Garden, it’s probably the most pleasant surprise for someone unfamiliar with Madonna albums outside the singles. 

Trivia: The spoken line during the chorus is indeed her voice sampled from “Justify My Love”, which was co-produced also by Andre Betts and she sang new vocals on top of it.

Waiting for you to justify my love”

This sample is also the only Madonna vocal on “Did You Do It?” which utilizes the same instrumental as “Waiting”. I always wondered if the basic track was born out of his remix sessions for JML or something fresher during the Erotica sessions.

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